Aimdyn CEO Finalist in Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

Our CEO Adriana Mezic was nominated as a finalist in the
Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

Aimdyn is proud to announce its CEO, Adriana Mezic is a finalist in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. The SOE Awards chose her because of her tenacity, ability to reach goals, and success in building her company from the ground up.

[Santa Barabra] Growing up, Adriana had numerous teachers tell her if she could “sit still” she would actually amount to something. Well, she still can’t sit still but as the co-founder of AIMdyn she has definitely amounted to something.  As a cutting-edge Artifical Intelligence (AI) software, research and consulting company which develops general and customized algorithms and software products for broad use in government and industry, AIMdyn is changing our world by creating AI tools that tackle health, security, and environment problems

Aimdyn’s Cutting-edge New Research Project with DARPA combines AI with Quantum Chemistry

The Chemical Framework
Produced by Martin Head-Gordon and Xintian Feng

Aimdyn is working on ground-breaking AI methodology that has wide applications in the development of new materials. 

The Principal Investigators on the project are Dr. Ryan Mohr and Dr. Maria Fonoberova. 

“We are happy that Aimdyn’s developments on operator-theoretic AI led to the fruitful deployment that will, in conjunction with deep learning and quantum mechanical and molecular dynamics ideas break new ground in application of AI to material discovery,” said Dr. Ryan Mohr. 

Aimdyn partnered with Dr. Russ Salakhutdinov, Director of AI at Apple Inc., Dr. Martin Head-Gordon, member of the National Academy of Sciences and Dr. Xintian Feng from Q-Chem to use quantum chemical computations to predict material properties in zeolites.

“The coupling between quantum mechanical calculations, operator theory, and deep learning has the potential to revolutionize this field,” said Martin Head-Gordon.“

While the initial research encompass materials like zeolites, for applications in gas separation and hydrocarbon processing, the potential extensions of the methodology are broad and apply to design of almost any new class of materials. 

“I’m very excited to be a part of this interdisciplinary team that is deploying AI and deep learning methods in tandem with Koopman/ Mezic operator theory for discovery of new materials” said Russ Salakhutdinov. 

Aimdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic Featured on UCSB Engineering Page for his Sustainability Algorithms

The article covered many of Aimdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic’s contributions to sustainable engineering and buildings. 

“Mechanical engineering professor Igor Mezić comes to sustainability by way of algorithms, particularly as they relate to “smart” buildings and, peripherally, tracking oil spills in open ocean,” the article reads.

“In an era when energy efficiency is a major topic of concern, buildings account for forty percent of the energy and seventy percent of the electricity used in the United States. According to Mezić, roughly twenty to thirty percent of that energy is wasted, because buildings aren’t smart,” it said.

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Aimdyn Joins AI DARPA Program


Aimdyn inc. competed for and won a competitive Request for Proposal to work with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on Artificial Intelligence technology.

They have chosen to work with Aimdyn because of the company’s vast history with processing and managing this type of big data for applications in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

“Between DOD’s security and performance requirements, the immaturity of the technology to deal with unstructured and incomplete data and the complex problems that come with modeling dynamic systems, integration of AI into defense applications has been slow,” read an article from GCN. 

“To speed the adoption of AI, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is issuing a Disruption Opportunity — a call for innovative basic research concepts exploring new architectures and approaches to improve AI’s ability to generalize beyond training data and work with sub-optimal data,” it said. 

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Founder Dr. Igor Mezic featured in Business Insider for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives; Aimdyn signs a License agreement with a Market-Leading Network Security Company Packetsled

Aimdyn’s Principal Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic recently made nationwide headlines for partnering with PacketSled to work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

Dr. Mezic was the focal point of the article, reading:

“Since the 1990’s, Dr. Mezic has been helping global enterprises and government agencies solve massive data problems. He has worked with organizations in various industries, including energy, manufacturing and automotive, to make systems and processes more efficient using machine learning and other intelligent data technologies.  

“It was immediately clear that PacketSled’s product vision was a great fit with the problems we have been solving for the past ten years in other sectors,” said Dr. Mezic. “We will hit the ground running and believe that our team can make progress in the coming months on delivering significant steps forward around these initiatives.”

“We feel honored to have Dr. Mezic working with us,” said John Keister, CEO at PacketSled. “Our vision is to apply ML to some of the key problems that enterprises encounter with cybersecurity, and Igor’s deep experience will help us execute against those plans.”

Dr. Mezic is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. He received his Ph.D. at Caltech in Applied and Theoretical Mechanics. Dr. Mezic previously served as an Associate Professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His expertise is in data analysis and algorithms for analysis of complex dynamical systems. His major scientific contribution in this field has been the development of operator theoretic methods for analysis of complex dynamical systems, that are in widespread use in a large number of scientific and commercial domains.

Following a string of successful research projects for DoD agencies over 22 years, Mezic’s current research includes several AI projects with DARPA. Dr. Mezic is a recipient of numerous scientific and technology awards, including the United Technologies Senior Vice President for Science and Technology Special Achievement Prize in 2007. He has also co-founded Aimdyn, a consulting and AI software development company, and Ecorithm, a company that provides AI products to the smart buildings market.”

Here is a link to the original article.

In addition to Dr. Mezic engagement, Aimdyn signed a license agreement with Packetsled for use of its Artificial Intelligence technology in network security.

Chief Technology Advisor Igor Mezic in Local Paper for his Contributions to the Refugio Oil Spill Court Case

Our co-founder, Dr. Igor Mezic was featured in the local news for his contributions to the Refugio Oil Spill Case, which recently went to court.

The article reads, “Plaintiffs’ attorneys utilized the analysis prepared by expert witness Igor Mezić, co-founder and chief technology adviser of AIMdyn, Inc. and professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Mezić is an authority on fluid flow processes. He analyzed the spill flow, the geographic area it covered, where the oil became submerged, and where it washed ashore.”

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AIMdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic Featured in UCSB Article on Transportation

The UCSB Currant reads;

“For most of us, fluid dynamics and mechanics aren’t particularly significant — that is, until we’re white-knuckling it on a bumpy plane ride or trying to stay buoyant in unusually bubbly water. The way we navigate through air and water may one day be improved thanks to UC Santa Barbara researchers studying the complex properties and interactions of fluids.

Fueled by multiple Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI) grants from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research, the UCSB scientists may also gain insight into some of classical physics’ greatest mysteries.”

In regards to our founder, Dr. Igor Mezic, the Currant wrote:

“When you take a walk, a multitude of remarkable things happen in your body to keep you upright, balanced and moving forward.

‘You’re actually falling,’ said UCSB mechanical engineer Igor Mezic. ‘In the second or so that occurs between steps, you sense your body moving ahead and down, but break your fall when your forward foot lands. Your weight shifts and muscles contract to maintain locomotion while other muscles relax. Your feet and legs compensate for unevenness of terrain. Your eyes can map out the path ahead; your ears may sense the area around you. Your body can twist and bend around obstacles or avoid things coming your way, or even take action should you trip to minimize or prevent damage. If you’re carrying something your entire body will redistribute its balance and use of muscles to accommodate the object.’

To read more please visit the UCSB Currant’s full article HERE

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Photo provided by The UCSB Currant