What is GoSUMD.ai?

GoSUMD.ai is a Software built for complexity management. It offers the most comprehensive suite of design and analysis tools for engineers, consultants, modelers and data analysts. 

Unlike the current fragmented techniques available for data analysis, GoSUMD.ai provides a closely integrated set of tools that unravel system complexity and allow users to see trends in data using easily interpreted graphical representations which were previously unattainable.

This provides deep insights based on a patented set of analysis techniques and visualization tools for complexity reduction, including global sensitivity analysis, uncertainty analysis, and model reduction.

GoSUMD.ai is based on some of the fastest available computational algorithms for nonlinear model representation and sampling, enabling simultaneous examination of literally tens of thousands of effects on the output of interest.

Due to fast computational algorithms, larger problems (size 100 – 10,000 parameters) can be examined with unprecedented accuracy.

How does it work?

GoSUMD.ai can work from either observed data or from an executable model. In both cases, an analytical representation of the data is formed.

Analytical representation allows for:

  • Rapid examination of properties such as sensitivity to input parameters as well as uncertainty of outputs. 
  • Detection of optimal parameter values for different cost functions and determination of faulty or unstable regions.

Here are some screencaps of GoSUMD.ai in action

In the above image,  GoSUMD.ai processes flow, with the dashed arrows indicating optional steps.