Aimdyn’s Cutting-edge New Research Project with DARPA combines AI with Quantum Chemistry

Aimdyn is working on ground-breaking AI methodology that has wide applications in the development of new materials.  The Principal Investigators on the project are Dr. Ryan Mohr and Dr. Maria Fonoberova.  “We are happy that Aimdyn’s developments on operator-theoretic AI led to the fruitful deployment that will, in conjunction with deep learning and quantum mechanical… Read More

Aimdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic Featured on UCSB Engineering Page for his Sustainability Algorithms

The article covered many of Aimdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic’s contributions to sustainable engineering and buildings.  “Mechanical engineering professor Igor Mezić comes to sustainability by way of algorithms, particularly as they relate to “smart” buildings and, peripherally, tracking oil spills in open ocean,” the article reads. “In an era when energy efficiency is a major topic of… Read More

Aimdyn Joins AI DARPA Program

Aimdyn inc. competed for and won a competitive Request for Proposal to work with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on Artificial Intelligence technology. They have chosen to work with Aimdyn because of the company’s vast history with processing and managing this type of big data for applications in machine learning and artificial intelligence.  “Between… Read More

Founder Dr. Igor Mezic featured in Business Insider for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives; Aimdyn signs a License agreement with a Market-Leading Network Security Company Packetsled

Aimdyn’s Principal Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic recently made nationwide headlines for partnering with PacketSled to work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning challenges in the cybersecurity industry. Dr. Mezic was the focal point of the article, reading: “Since the 1990’s, Dr. Mezic has been helping global enterprises and government agencies solve massive data problems. He… Read More

Chief Technology Advisor Igor Mezic in Local Paper for his Contributions to the Refugio Oil Spill Court Case

Our co-founder, Dr. Igor Mezic was featured in the local news for his contributions to the Refugio Oil Spill Case, which recently went to court. The article reads, “Plaintiffs’ attorneys utilized the analysis prepared by expert witness Igor Mezić, co-founder and chief technology adviser of AIMdyn, Inc. and professor at the University of California, Santa… Read More