Aimdyn CEO Finalist in Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

Our CEO Adriana Mezic was nominated as a finalist in the
Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards

Aimdyn is proud to announce its CEO, Adriana Mezic is a finalist in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. The SOE Awards chose her because of her tenacity, ability to reach goals, and success in building her company from the ground up.

[Santa Barabra] Growing up, Adriana had numerous teachers tell her if she could “sit still” she would actually amount to something. Well, she still can’t sit still but as the co-founder of AIMdyn she has definitely amounted to something.  As a cutting-edge Artifical Intelligence (AI) software, research and consulting company which develops general and customized algorithms and software products for broad use in government and industry, AIMdyn is changing our world by creating AI tools that tackle health, security, and environment problems

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