Aimdyn Named a Top Program by Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Aimdyn was recently listed in the Air Force Office of Scientific Research’s publication as one of their top research programs from 1951 to present day.

The honor was bestowed upon Aimdyn after a research project led by Aimdyn founder Dr. Igor Mezic directly assisted in the discovery of new methods for passive mitigation of thermoacoustic instabilities in jet engines.

This and other related successes were foundational in forming the UTRC, UCSB. Caltech, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, PlainSight and Aimdyn team that won a 2006 DARPA project where 40 researchers attempted to use new methods or ergodic theory, operator theory, and spectral graph theory to develop methodology and tools for analysis and design of complex dynamical systems robust to uncertainty.

Major a accomplishments of the project were new methods for quantifying uncertainty in dynamical systems that were much faster than previous known methods as well as the discovery of new, efficient unmanned aerial vehicle search methods that had near-linear scaling in system size.

These methods are currently being used in UTRC’s Autonomous and Intelligent Systems program.

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