AIMdyn Founder Dr. Igor Mezic Featured in UCSB Article on Transportation

The UCSB Currant reads;

“For most of us, fluid dynamics and mechanics aren’t particularly significant — that is, until we’re white-knuckling it on a bumpy plane ride or trying to stay buoyant in unusually bubbly water. The way we navigate through air and water may one day be improved thanks to UC Santa Barbara researchers studying the complex properties and interactions of fluids.

Fueled by multiple Multi-University Research Initiative (MURI) grants from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Naval Research, the UCSB scientists may also gain insight into some of classical physics’ greatest mysteries.”

In regards to our founder, Dr. Igor Mezic, the Currant wrote:

“When you take a walk, a multitude of remarkable things happen in your body to keep you upright, balanced and moving forward.

‘You’re actually falling,’ said UCSB mechanical engineer Igor Mezic. ‘In the second or so that occurs between steps, you sense your body moving ahead and down, but break your fall when your forward foot lands. Your weight shifts and muscles contract to maintain locomotion while other muscles relax. Your feet and legs compensate for unevenness of terrain. Your eyes can map out the path ahead; your ears may sense the area around you. Your body can twist and bend around obstacles or avoid things coming your way, or even take action should you trip to minimize or prevent damage. If you’re carrying something your entire body will redistribute its balance and use of muscles to accommodate the object.’

To read more please visit the UCSB Currant’s full article HERE

boat and wake
Photo provided by The UCSB Currant

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