Koopman Spectrum for Cascaded Systems

This paper was co-written by our founder and lead-scientist, Igor Mezic along with Aimdyn scientist and colleague, Ryan Mohr.


This paper considers the evolution of Koopman principal eigenfunctions of cascaded dynamical sys- tems. If each component subsystem is asymptotically stable, the matrix norms of the linear parts of the component subsystems are strictly increasing, and the component subsystems have disjoint spectrums, there exist perturbation functions for the initial conditions of each component subsystem such that the orbits of the cascaded system and the decoupled component subsystems have zero asymptotic relative error. This implies that the evolutions are asymptotically equivalent; cascaded compositions of stable systems are stable. These results hold for both cascaded systems with linear component subsystem dy- namics and linear coupling terms and nonlinear cascades topologically conjugate to the linear case. We further show that the Koopman principal eigenvalues of each component subsystem are also Koopman eigenvalues of the cascaded system. The corresponding Koopman eigenfunctions of the cascaded system are formed by extending the domain of definition of the component systems’ principal eigenfunctions and then composing them with the perturbation function.



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