Founder Dr. Igor Mezic featured in Business Insider for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Initiatives; Aimdyn signs a License agreement with a Market-Leading Network Security Company Packetsled

Aimdyn’s Principal Scientist Dr. Igor Mezic recently made nationwide headlines for partnering with PacketSled to work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning challenges in the cybersecurity industry.

Dr. Mezic was the focal point of the article, reading:

“Since the 1990’s, Dr. Mezic has been helping global enterprises and government agencies solve massive data problems. He has worked with organizations in various industries, including energy, manufacturing and automotive, to make systems and processes more efficient using machine learning and other intelligent data technologies.  

“It was immediately clear that PacketSled’s product vision was a great fit with the problems we have been solving for the past ten years in other sectors,” said Dr. Mezic. “We will hit the ground running and believe that our team can make progress in the coming months on delivering significant steps forward around these initiatives.”

“We feel honored to have Dr. Mezic working with us,” said John Keister, CEO at PacketSled. “Our vision is to apply ML to some of the key problems that enterprises encounter with cybersecurity, and Igor’s deep experience will help us execute against those plans.”

Dr. Mezic is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at UC Santa Barbara. He received his Ph.D. at Caltech in Applied and Theoretical Mechanics. Dr. Mezic previously served as an Associate Professor at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. His expertise is in data analysis and algorithms for analysis of complex dynamical systems. His major scientific contribution in this field has been the development of operator theoretic methods for analysis of complex dynamical systems, that are in widespread use in a large number of scientific and commercial domains.

Following a string of successful research projects for DoD agencies over 22 years, Mezic’s current research includes several AI projects with DARPA. Dr. Mezic is a recipient of numerous scientific and technology awards, including the United Technologies Senior Vice President for Science and Technology Special Achievement Prize in 2007. He has also co-founded Aimdyn, a consulting and AI software development company, and Ecorithm, a company that provides AI products to the smart buildings market.”

Here is a link to the original article.

In addition to Dr. Mezic engagement, Aimdyn signed a license agreement with Packetsled for use of its Artificial Intelligence technology in network security.

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