Aimdyn Joins AI DARPA Program


Aimdyn inc. competed for and won a competitive Request for Proposal to work with The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on Artificial Intelligence technology.

They have chosen to work with Aimdyn because of the company’s vast history with processing and managing this type of big data for applications in machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

“Between DOD’s security and performance requirements, the immaturity of the technology to deal with unstructured and incomplete data and the complex problems that come with modeling dynamic systems, integration of AI into defense applications has been slow,” read an article from GCN. 

“To speed the adoption of AI, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is issuing a Disruption Opportunity — a call for innovative basic research concepts exploring new architectures and approaches to improve AI’s ability to generalize beyond training data and work with sub-optimal data,” it said. 

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